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Academic teams promote character and teamwork. The success of the teams reflects well on the entire TJ community. Please make a donation to the Academic Boosters and become a part of Team TJ! Your family’s contribution would be publicly recognized on our TJAB Donor Recognition page. TJAB members can attend all board meetings. The entire amount of your contribution is tax deductible. 

Double the Impact of Your Donation!

Many employers participate in matching gift programs, generously doubling charitable donations. We kindly ask you to inquire whether your workplace offers such a corporate match program. If it does, we encourage you to contribute through that program instead of using our website.  When making your donation, please ensure that you use our official name,  "Thomas Jefferson H S For Sci & Tech Academic Boosters Inc". Additionally, we kindly request that you notify us by sending an email to to confirm the receipt of the funds. Your support is greatly appreciated!

What the funds buy:

What the funds don't buy:

Participation in TJ competition teams is costly, and our resources are limited and the need is great! Please pitch in whatever you can!